Governance, Risk and Compliance
Risk Assessments and Analysis
Major Hazard / Critical Risk
  • Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

  • Legal Compliance Programs

  • Corporate Governance - mentoring and training for Company Office Bearers

  • Assistance to manage government and stakeholder intervention

  • Compliance audits

  • Operational and maintenance activities risk assessments

  • HAZID, HAZOP, CHAIR, Fault Tree Analysis

  • Bow Tie Analysis

  • Equipment risk assessments – Failure Modes and Effects (FMEA) on critical systems

  • Project risk assessments – Concept, Pre-Feasibility, Feasibility, Execution, Commissioning

  • Risk and compliance through Care and Maintenance or closing businesses or operational sites

  • Organisational change

  • Layers of Protection Analysis (LOPA) – to review adequacy of existing and/or predicted controls

  • Base Case Vs Revised Case Risk Analysis – to compare risk profile of critical changes

  • Establish, maintain and support critical risk management programs

  • Facilitate critical hazard and control analysis

  • Critical Control registers and sustainable management processes

  • Critical Control audits and verification reviews

  • Integrated risk and control registers

  • Develop, implement and support on-line Bow Tie risk and control models that are integrated into the business process and information

Statutory / Legal Compliance
Project Risk
  • Operational and Hazard audits

  • Due Diligence

  • Risk and Critical Control audits and verification

  • Health and safety management systems ISO45001, OHSAS18001, ISO31000

  • Contractor Management

  • Develop customised legal audit tools as required

  • Work health and safety (Occupational Health and Safety) compliance

  • Senior company officials – statutory obligations register and processes to achieve compliance to reduce personal exposure

  • Compliance to Enterprise Standards and requirements

  • Develop, implement and support integrated compliance software

  • Independent Project risk assessments – Concept, Pre-Feasibility, Feasibility, Execution, Commissioning

  • Develop, establish and support project risk and control software

Incident Response and Investigations
  • Independent incident / accident investigations and analysis – health and safety, business loss and interruption, equipment failure and facility/asset damage, environment

  • Assistance to manage complex requirements and processes after health and safety incidents (e.g.) fatal accidents

  • Peer review or quality review of company or third party investigations

  • Liaison with regulatory authorities

  • Risk based approach to responding to and recovering from major loss (e.g.) fire, fatalities

  • Develop training and competency courses to meet specific National Competency Standards

  • Nationally accredited training in:

  • Risk assessments and risk management

  • Hazard awareness

  • Incident Investigation

  • Supervisor and Manager Legal Accountabilities

  • Refer also to our Registered Training organisation (RTO) Ocurrio Pty. Ltd. (RTO 45526)

Mobile Equipment Compliance
  • Mobile equipment audits and verification (eg) MDG15 audits

  • Fire Threat Analysis

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